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Can an Apple a Day Keep Gum Disease at Bay?

Studies show the antioxidants in apples, onions, and other foods can help slow or even reverse periodontal disease (gum disease) to prevent extreme damage.


Wayne Aldredge, DMD Aug 28, 2023

How Gum Disease Surprised Alex Rodriguez - Holmdel Periodontics

More than 65 million Americans have some form of gum disease — and that number now includes former Major League Baseball All-Star Alex Rodriguez. Like…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD Jul 05, 2023

Stroke and Gum Disease? Yes, There's a Connection

"According to the American Stroke Association (ASA), stroke is the fifth leading cause of death among Americans, yet 80% of strokes are preventable.  The key…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD May 01, 2023

Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Make Each Condition Worse

There are over 29 million Americans with diabetes. Each one is 2 - 4 times more likely to have periodontal disease, which leads to tooth…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD Nov 09, 2017

Periodontal Disease is Linked to Breast Cancer

Bleeding and swollen gums may affect breast health. In the past five years, several studies have concluded that gum disease, or periodontal disease, is associated…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD Oct 12, 2017

Dr. Aldredge President of Northeastern Society of Periodontists

Dr. Wayne A. Aldredge has been installed as the new president of the Northeastern Society of Periodontists, the largest regional periodontal society in the country.…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD Nov 14, 2016

Dr. Wayne A. Aldredge Inducted into American College of Dentists

Dr. Aldredge has been inducted as fellow into the very prestigious American College of Dentists. the oldest major honorary organization for dentists.  Only 3.5% of…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD Oct 27, 2016

Representing Dentists on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Dr. Wayne Aldredge was interviewed on camera by the Associated Press for his expert opinion on recent dental floss studies. The dental floss story was…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD Oct 24, 2016

Why You Must Use Dental Floss to Save Your Teeth

"Dr. Aldredge, they're saying on the news that we don't have to floss anymore."

Millions of people worldwide heard or read the headline this August…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD Oct 20, 2016

Great Oral Health: An Astronaut's Job Requirement

If you're an astronaut hoping to make it to the International Space Station, good oral health isn't a bonus, it's a requirement.  Only astronauts ranked…

Wayne Aldredge, DMD May 05, 2016

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